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The Difference Between Condo and Apartment

Posted by Property Expert on July 18, 2018
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Most people are being torn and confused if what are the differences between buying a condominium unit and renting an apartment. Probably, you may think that both of them are the same – for the reason of, both of them have tenants and it’s both used for investment. But, there’s one thing that would stand out between these two – and that’s our focus, to recognize if what’s the best option between the condominium unit or apartment.

Likewise, the condominium unit and apartment buildings are mostly similar but actually, they have different roles, benefits, and disadvantages as well. Hence, these two options have own purpose and will suit your taste.

However, the condominium unit and apartment buildings are the shared property that consists of individual living units. Otherwise, both are consists of various units and allow the people to have temporary and permanent living in the same area.

Let’s face the reality that most of the people nowadays prefer the condo unit rather than to go with the apartment building, but why? Well, here are some differences that you may spot in these two residences.Renting an apartment

Condominium Unit

The condo unit is obviously a fancy-looking shared property, it is mostly like living in a five-star hotel. Eventually, each unit is owned by one or two individuals, and the huge difference of condominium unit into apartment buildings is that the condo unit is like an home ownership that allows you to pay for several months until you become the owner of the specific condo unit.

Likewise, the condominium unit is becoming relevant in the whole world, particularly in some innovative countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore itself.

There are many people who prefer a condominium unit because of its luxurious features, and it’s the best option if you’d choose to make it your own investment property. Actually, some condo owners choose to make the condo Singapore rent to invest more cash for themselves.

There are so many available units in the new condo for sale in Singapore that you would surely love. However, the good thing about condominium unit is that the facilities are in the hands of the facilitator and they are the one who’ll respond with it, unlike with the apartment unit that you’re the one who’s responsible with everything and that could be stressful.


Renting an apartment is way better in handling the facilities and other objects inside the certain unit, but the good thing about it is that you’re responsible with all belongings and once it becomes broken, you’re the one who will be called the maintenance and let him/her do the repairs. Eventually, it can save your money a lot.

Otherwise, the condo below 500k Singapore has complete facilities and all of these is working properly, but with the apartment, well you are responsible with everything, likewise, the payment of an apartment is most likely arising when the leases end. While, the executive condo in Singapore is depending on the down payment, interest rates, and loan programs but after all the payments have been done, you can own the certain condo unit.

Therefore, the Singapore property news has stated that condominium unit is much better than having an apartment, that is why there are so many people out there choose the condo unit rather than to go with such apartment buildings.

Well, if you are satisfied with the benefits of condo unit, it’s time for you to pick the right condo unit in the best property websites Singapore or in some property website in Malaysia to find the perfect Malaysia condominium rent.

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