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5 Impressive Condominium Design Ideas

Posted by Property Expert on June 20, 2018
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Looking for some clever condominium design ideas that can help you attain an impressive looking unit? Search no more – we have the perfect answer for that. Undoubtedly, condominium show flats are finely designed to keep it looking splendid. That is why we are here today to give you some helpful interior design ideas that we gathered from some stylish show flats. Let’s get into the details below.

Condominium Design IdeasStretch Out Your Living Spaces

Defying conventions would limit us from designing the best we can. The showflat provided above, Riverbank condominium, only proves that it’s fine to defy conventions. Look how the dining table stretches from the dining room to the outdoor balcony, lovely isn’t it? Imagine throwing huge party dinners here – how fun for sure!

Pay Attention to Ancillary Spaces

Designing doesn’t need to be that difficult. But it’s important to understand what works best because the details, even to the smallest one, can either make or break a show flat. Take a good look at the showflat, you’ll see how the added paneling strips allow it to acquire depth and texture. This only shows that it doesn’t take that much to level up your living space’s appearance.

Maximize Bay Window Ledges

Bay windows take up too much floor space, and that’s a common problem for those who live in condominium apartments. Here you’ll see that this particular showflat have found a way to eliminate the nuisance by positioning the bed on top of the window, which is just perfectly beautiful. Also, there are pull-out drawers below the bed and a study desk is provided against the foot of the bed, providing an extra storage for your stuff.

Double the Space in Your Kid’s Room

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is quite hard to do. But in this showsuite for the Riverbank condo, a single bedroom can now easily and comfortably accommodate two kids along with their belongings. The secret is by having your own customized bunk beds. This will make the full use of the height of your kid’s room. Furthermore, the built-in storage shelves on the frame of the bunk bed and the display shelves on the ladder provides more space for your kid’s toys and other stuff.

Conceal the Kitchen Units

Best kitchen designs are usually found in showflats. These include having state-of-the-art appliances, quality exteriors, and more. For this black and white kitchen, notice how the kitchen accessories and the appliances are flawlessly concealed behind glossy cabinet fronts – gorgeous indeed! Moreover, the polished surfaces make the entire kitchen stand out easily.

These tips will allow you to create and decorate your own room space to the fullest! Simply follow our condominium design ideas and let it guide you on your way to achieving a stylish unit.

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